Just Play It By Ear

Florida girl now living in Northern California. Married to the man of my dreams. Learning to balance work and fun. Trying to be a better person with each day that passes. Football fanatic. Lover of animals and all things pink!

These are my random (and sometimes pointless) stories and thoughts.

My heart hurts. Feeling lost and like a failure. Not really sure where to go from here.

Don’t mind me…just looking at all the cute things I’d like to own. Nevermind that it was almost 90 degrees today…

Convos with kids

Working with kids can be pretty entertaining…

Kindergartener: Do you have kids?

Me: Nope!

Kindergartener: Why not?

Me: Well, I have sooo many students to think about at this school…that keeps me really busy!

Kindergartener: Yeah, but you need to have your own kids.

Me: Bye Felicia!

Tuesday Thoughts

• The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell story was a waste of time. Definitely not even close to what I thought it would be.

• I don’t care if it is still 80+ degrees outside, I love me a pumpkin spice latte and will enjoy one anytime.

• Really starting to like the new place. It’s small, but has everything we need and it’s nice to start settling in and making everything our own.

• Also finally settling into my office a bit more, too. I’ve been there 2+ years, but never really changed much. Starting to make some changes and it’s coming together nicely!

• Got a new pair of boots and a scarf this past weekend…definitely ready for fall!

Sometimes you just need a good burger.

Sometimes you just need a good burger.

And I’m back…

Been a long time since I’ve posted regularly or caught up on my dash. Life has been busy, stressful, and a bit chaotic…but things are starting to calm down now.

Summer flew by, the husband started a new job, and we moved (only a few minutes from our old place, but still a long packing/unpacking process). Slowly getting settled into our new place. School year has started so also slowly getting back into the swing of work…and trying to balance work and home life.

And now back to my regularly scheduled pics of food, my cat, and other randomness.

Haven’t been on here much lately, but will update soon.

Til then, I’ll be thinking positive thoughts and hoping for the best. Fingers crossed all goes well this evening.

10,000 feet in the air. Free snacks, free wine, and free wifi…not bad, Delta…not bad at all.

10,000 feet in the air. Free snacks, free wine, and free wifi…not bad, Delta…not bad at all.

Week in DC. Went to the zoo, Pentagon, Capitol, Library of Congress, and a coffee shop that caught on fire while we were there. Spent quality time with the bestie and also lots of time eating and drinking. Good week despite it being incredibly hot and humid.

This is a sand cat that I saw while visiting the zoo in DC. Cutest thing ever…may be tied with otters as my fav animal.